Bring the Race to Your Wrist!

Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

In development for over 7 years, Montesino’s Victory Lap® Bracelet is finally available! Designed for racing fans by racing fans, the Victory Lap bracelet is a guaranteed recycled product that which contains 100% genuine raced stock car rubber tires acquired from past and current professional stock car racing teams.

The Victory Lap bracelet is stainless steel and the strap was developed over many years to contain raced stock car tire rubber. The actual rubber from the used tires was stripped off, ground down and re-polymerized with virgin rubber to produce each victory lap bracelet. The fold-over checkered flag clasp is is held onto the strap with lug nut shaped pins and the assembly of the bracelet itself will satisfy even the most advanced gearhead.

With retail pricing beginning at bout $75, with versions available for both men and women, the Victory Lap Bracelet is a much own for any fashion-conscious racing fan! Get yours today online at Inox Jewelry!