Jamaica Destination Hook Bracelet

From the heart of the Caribbean comes a unique island treasure. The island of Jamaica is a lush tropical paradise with the roots of reggae music deeply sown and is home to a rare bird called “Doctor” that sings exotic melodies. Flat beautiful beaches extending to the horizon contrasting the rugged mountains rising almost 1000 feet high make this an island with dramatic beauty. The Jamaica Hook BraceletTM captures the wonder and spirit that this island has to offer. The letters “J”, “A” and “M” represent the island name as well as what the reggae music does… it jams! The “J” shaped like a fish hook reminds of the “hook” that Jamaica has on your heart, and 14 wraps of 14k gold symbolize the 14 parishes of the country. The Jamaica Hook BraceletTM will bring the memories of this island paradise back each time you glance at your wrist and is a true symbolic treasure of this island in the sun.

The Jamaica Destination Hook Bracelet is available exclusively from: Chulani Jamaica Ltd., House of Diamonds-Ocho Rios, Jamaica and K.S.J. Enterprises, Ocho Rios.