Skagway Destination Hook Bracelet

Surrounded by mountains with the deep pristine water of the Lynn Canal glistening clear and cold, and ending at the city of Skagway your journey comes to a pleasant and surprising end… or so you might think. This is just the beginning as the Gateway to the Klondike unfolds before you. The Skagway Destination BraceletTM is a tribute in precious metals to a true Alaskan frontier town. The miners and adventurers can almost be envisioned strolling down the streets and the raucous 19th century explodes upon your senses even to this day. The pick was the standard tool that every miner needed to dig for the elusive gold that was the glittering treasure that lay at the end of their journey, and a ride on the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway will be testimony to the struggles that were presented to the adventurous on their quest for wealth and fame. The Skagway Destination BraceletTM is a symbolic treasure dedicated to this town and the historical significance of her rowdy past.

The Skagway Destination Bracelet is available exclusively from: Royal Jewelers Alaska in Skagway